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Sydney based Isabella has been performing for various events and weddings for over 15 years. Isabella performs mainly in English, Cantonese (Cantopop) and Mandarin (including classics such as Teresa Tang) in a variety of styles.

In 2012, Isabella started Scarlet Fusion with Samuel Hanson, Sydney's new Contemporary Jazz band.  Scarlet Fusion is all about beautiful lyrical voices and harmonies, sung in English, Chinese and other languages. Its repetroire ranges from old style jazz to modern pop music.


Scarlet Fusion specialises in "jazzing up" or "recreating different feels" to songs so they always sound refreshing and interesting. Of course some songs deserve their original treatment so we perform these nostalgically.  For weddings and special events, we are also able to perform songs upon special requests.


Isabella can perform as a solo singer with her band or with Scarlet Fusion as a simple trio arrangement (2 vocals/flute, percussion plus keyboard) or a full band (2 vocals/flute plus 3-5 other instruments) depending on your needs. Isabella and Scarlet Fusion are also available to perform at wedding ceremonies.


As a fluent biligual (English and Cantonese), Isabella is also an experienced MC and event co-ordinator. Band and MC package is available upon request.

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